About The Purple Ladies

l to r: Christelle Lafille, Lina Jungergård, Agnieszka Kapuscinska, Andrea Meneses Guerrero, Dagmara Bilon.

The Purple Ladies is a collective of performers working with physical expression to create visual and atmospheric performances. Between each other they encourage creative process and dialogue, exchange ideas, challenge and support each other’s individual work, initiate collaborations, swap roles of director and performer, organize purple events, and facilitate performance workshops & training. They want to inspire women in their community and across the world.

The Purple Ladies began in 2010 at Peckham’s artist-led Area10 Project Space, following the untimely death of the great lilac-loving actress and movement director, Linda Dobell, a most inspirational colleague, mentor, patron, and friend.


In alphabetical order…

Dagmara Bilon    b.1981 Poland

As a Purple Lady, Dagmara is committed to the creation of Purple Happenings; such as performances in various non-theatrical spaces, events that support women’s art work, and creative workshops that facilitate art-based skills to various groups in the community.

Lina Jungergård    b.1982 Sweden

Performer, deviser and teacher of physical theatre and aerial. She is a founding member of interdisciplinary company Psychological Art Circus, an associate artist of the collective Living Structures and has worked with companies such as La Fura del Baus and Ear Cinema. After graduating Växjö Athletic and Theatre School in Sweden, she completed Desmond Jones School of Mime and Physical Theatre and trained aerial and circus skills at Circomedia school in Bristol. She pursues her own research within performance and dance, looking at techniques like Butoh, yoga, contact improvisation, clowning and puppetry.

Agnieszka Kapuscinska    b. Poland

Studied at the National Academy of Dramatic Art in Poland. Has a degree in Performance Art from Goldsmiths Collage. She has received funding to study and perform in Japan, where she worked with a host of Japanese and European artists on site-specific projects. Assisted Rena Mirecka of J.Grotowski Laboratory Theatre in Italy, Since, Agnieszka has worked on her own Live Art shows creating visually mesmerizing physical theatre pieces that relate to her Polish theatre roots as well as extensive body work training. Agnieszka has worked across Europe and UK in various collaborations as a performer and co-creator Her latest piece The Seed Of Bones was performed at No Format Gallery as a part of The Living Arts Event, at The Alchemy of The Purple Ladies Event in 47/49 and in 2014 at The Shoreditch Church. Agnieszka has been a member of The Purple Ladies Collective since 2010.

Christelle Lafille    b.1973 France

“Human beings are extraordinary creatures”, I hear her voice at times and remember.

Christelle has been a theatre practitioner for over ten years. After graduating from Desmond Jones school of Mime and Physical Theatre in 2001, she developed work of her own, within Psychological Art Circus, and alongside the Art of Falling Apart. Her eclectic performance history includes The Life and Death of Christelle Lafille at the Place, My Kylie contest at the ICA and participation in various festivals across Europe and Colombia.

Andrea Meneses Guerrero    b.1977 Colombia

Performer/deviser. Graduated from the International School of Corporeal Mime with a postgraduate in teaching and directing. Andrea has also studied in aerial circus at the Circus Space and was a key member of Psychological Art Circus, Mime Terrorists, Sawmill Collective and Area 10 Project Space.


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