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Facilitated by Dagmara Bilon & Andrea Meneses

The aim of the workshop is to explore various approaches of physical theatre training, movement improvisation and devising of material. The morning will be dedicated to a physical warm up , movement, group improvisation and the teaching of various elements from the Laban and Corporeal mime Technique. The afternoon will focus on the creative process of devising and composition in performance. This workshop is suitable for performers, dancers, actors and creative individuals with previous experience in movement or theatre.

Andrea Meneses and Dagmara Bilon have over 10 years experience working in the field of performance. Since their graduation from The International School of Corporeal Mime (Andrea) and Laban (Dagmara) they have created their own performance work, cofounded companies such as Psychological Art Circus and Mime terrorists and performed alongside Ear Cinema, The Sawmill collective, Punchdrunk and The Bones Theatre.

Previous booking required, maximum 12 participants
Date: Sat 20th & Sun 21st April
Time: 10am-5pm
Venue: The Old Tidemill School, Frankham St, London SE8
Weekend price: £80/£60 concs


Facilitated by Lina Jungergard and Andrea Meneses 

Participants will be able to both improve their trapeze, rope and silk technique and explore creative ways of improvising with this aerial disciplines. Exercises will focus on the search for the body´s respond to various stimulus: pre-recorded sounds , random words, metaphorical texts or any other given task; emphasis will be also given to the aerial exploration of body articulation and dynamo rhythms.
This workshop suits intermediate students ,of at least one of the disciplines mentioned above, that would like to improve technically and push further their creativity.

Lina and Andrea have been working for over 10 years on the performing arts and aerial circus developing a practice that also draws from mime, physical theatre and dance, they have been taking part in various festivals around Europe and have been climbing aerial ladders, frames on double decker buses, whale intestines made out of ropes etc..

To book your place please e-mail 

Date: 27th and 28th of April
Time: 11am-5:30pm

Venue: Unit b16, Smeed road E3 2NR

Weekend Price: £80 / £60cons

The Alchemy of The Purple Ladies

The Purple Ladies invite you to a night of multidisciplinary performances at 47/49, an exciting new venue near Tower Bridge. The event features the most recent work from the collective bringing together physical and visual theatre, interactive live installation and painting. Be ready for an encounter with a bearded saint, a headless woman, a story of dismemberment, delirious human possibilities and purple portraits.

16th March 2013

Show starts 7pm

47/49 Tanner Street, London SE1 3PL

Bus: 42, 78, 188 Train: London Bridge or Bermondsey

£8/5 Cons & fool purple outfit, dress code very warm

Here are the pieces in detail:

Human Possibilities

by Lina Jungergard and Christelle Lafille

Throughout the event, Lina Jungergard and Christelle Lafille will share their poetry, choreography and songs to delight their audience with a spectrum of human possibilities infinitely wider that one could hardly imagine.

The Woman Who Lost Her Head

by Andrea Meneses Guerrero

A woman trapped in a monotonous way of living experiences dreams and memories which prompts a journey of self-discovery and transformation. The piece is in development and explores themes of identity, and the inner reality featuring corporeal mime and aerial rope with an eclectic soundtrack.

Wilgefortis Project (Durational)

by Dagmara Bilon

The live installation is inspired by the bearded Saint known as Wilgefortis and performed by Alice Tatge. Wilgefortis was suppressed and dropped from the church calender in 1969. Women would turn to her to be released from abusive husbands.The piece explores themes of oppression, faith and womanhood.

The Seed of Bones

by Agnieszka Kapuscinska

The Seed of Bones is a multi disciplinary work that tells a story of dismemberment as a mytho-poetic rendering of the process of fragmentation, dissolution which then leads to renewal and transformation. Inspired by an idea of ancient ritual practice - The dance of the Skeleton or Dance of the Dead - which has been present within cultural and religious practices as diverse and remote from each other as Mexico and Tibet- this new work has been a culmination of a few years study with shamanic practitioners from South America.

Christelle Lafille & Lina Jungergard as Purple Ladies invite you to come and see them perform at the King of Comedy nights! Who knows…maybe they become the next Queens of Comedy! February 2nd doors open 19.00 for 19.30

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