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The Purple Ladies' Adventures in the Forest
(temporary title)

The Purple Ladies are extremely grateful to have been awarded with a grant from the National Lottery through Arts Council England.
We had to postpone our rehearsals and upcoming performance “When the trees breathe out…” but not all is lost.
With the support of the emergency grant, we are venturing into new and exciting territory and diving into the creation of an interactive visual audio book.

“The Purple Ladies' Adventures in the Forest” explores the mysterious workings of trees and its inhabitants through poetry, storytelling and guided movement meditation for children.
Starring the baby tree, teenage tree and grandmother tree, their crowns, branches, bark, leaves, buds and seeds, the creepy crawlies, spider webs, magnificent roots and of course the naughty mushroom. Check our Facebook page for more up-to-date information.

Cossall Cabaret Social

The Cossall Cabaret Social present high quality acts by local South London performers of all ages alongside guest artists from across the globe in a family-friendly mix of circus, comedy, music, poetry, dance and puppetry.

Previous Cossall Cabaret Socials have used various themes for inspiration ranging Myth 'n' Magic to Christmas, always with an accent on the Surreal. They have taken place in the open air, in marquees, in theatres and community halls.

Duration is usually between one and two hours.

The Cossall Cabaret Social is created and produced by The Purple Ladies.

Conférenciers: Lina Jungergård and Christelle Lafille
'Outside eye': Dagmara Bilon
Costume and set design: Loz Buzzard, Zahara O'Brien
Sound technicians: Surplus Sounds

Thanks to all volunteers and special thanks to the Cossall Tenants and Residents Association!

Cossall Cabaret Social
Cossall Cabaret Social II

The Hearing Trumpet

‘The Hearing Trumpet’ takes its inspiration from the most famous book of the great female British-born Surrealist, Leonora Carrington. Her visionary novel tells the story of Marianne, a toothless and deaf 92-year old lady, who with the aid of a hearing trumpet overhears her family plotting to send her to an institution. From this event begins her journey to a surreal women’s care home where the ladies will rise up against their oppressors and release ancient magic.

Drawing from the overall humour and magic realism of the original story, The Purple Ladies have created an interdisciplinary performance using masks, physical theatre and aerial circus, set to an original score of pre-recorded and live sound.

The show depicts the obscure and enlightening journey of the old ladies through different realms bringing completely surreal happenings to the mundane world of their institution.

The Hearing Trumpet

East Dulwich Gallery 2nd May 2014
Dragon Cafe 4th May 2014
The Old Tidemill School 24th June 2014
St Leonard’s Shoreditch Church 19th July 2014
Brayards Estate Tenants Community Garden 28th July 2014

“Really loved it. Want more” Ludovic Pujol - Outside Puppets
“The Purple Ladies performance at Brayards Estate was such a hit!” John Cannell - One World Adventure

The Alchemy
The Purple Ladies

In March 2013 The Ladies organized a one-night event to celebrate women’s art at the 47/49 space in London Bridge. The night featured the individual work of The Purple Ladies. In conjunction with the event The Ladies organized sharings of show fragments as well as workshops with various charities such as St Giles Trust, ADT, The Dragon Cafe, and Cambridge House.

Human Possibilities

‘Human Possibilities’ depicts the extraordinary story of a woman and her washing machine in the form of poetry, aerial circus, dance, sound and video projections. On a day like any other, a friend/alter-ego appears from inside a washing machine unveiling a spectrum of possibilities infinitely wider than one could imagine…

Duration: 1 hour

Fringe Madrid (Aug 2012)
Santa Maria da Feira International Street Theatre Festival (May 2013)
Stoke Newington International Airport (Feb 2013)
Woolwich Grand Theatre (Aug 2013)
Open Arts Cafe (Jun 2012)

link to El País review: “Aparición mariana en la lavadora”



Someone died. A seed is planted. What happens next? The Purple Ladies are here to provide the catalyst for your imagination. They are quirky, witty, and playful, but don’t suffer fools gladly!  'Bewitched’ is a theatrical production that follows the journey of a departed Lady into the glorious mystery of a resurrection.

Duration : 45 min

Area10 & Bussey Building (Aug 2010)
Wilton’s Music Hall (Sep 2011)
Jacksons Lane Postcard Festival (Jun 2011)
The Pleasance Theatre (Jan 2012)

“I celebrate what you do, do more!“  Steven J. John